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CT FoodNex Guide price

(Subject to changes)

  • L10: $2.3 mil to $2.6 mil
  • L9: $2.1 mil to $2.5 mil
  • L8: $2.3 mil to $2.7 mil
  • L7: $2.4 mil to $2.8 mil
  • L6: $2.5 mil to $2.9 mil
  • L5: $2.6 mil to $3 mil
  • L4: $2.8 mil to $3.1 mil
  • L3: $3.2 mil to $3.4 mil
  • L2: $3.5 mil to $4.1 mil
  • L1: $4.2 mil to $5 mil

CT FoodNex Location


CT Foodnex Location

Located at 2A Mandai Estate, CT Food Nex sit in the heart of Mandai Industrial Estate with numerous other industrial developements and food factories nearby. 

CT Food Nex is near to Sungei Kadut Eco-District, which is part of Northern Agri-Tec Food Corrider. 


CT FoodNex Floor Plan

CT FoodNex 1st Storey Floor Plan

CT FoodNex 2nd Storey Floor Plan

CT FoodNex 3rd Storey Floor Plan


Food factory business owners can expect a spacious and effective layout with high ceiling that provide flexibility in configuration of storage or for cold room. 

Loading bay will be on doorstep to facilitate loading and unloading of goods.



CT FoodNex

CT FoodNex, in the vicinity of Sungei Industrial Estate, is a Freehold Food Factory B2 industrial development. These new food factory provide a high-quality structure that will provide a cutting-edge setting for the B2 Food Factory's future manufacturing needs. Sim Lian Development and EL Development have partnered to create this unique freehold property.

CT FoodNex Singapore is a industrial complex in Singapore that has 114 food factories over 10 stories with an impressive design. The ceiling height varies between each story, but may be as high as 5.95 meters and have attractive VVIP price at limited time period.

CT FoodNex Night

Rigid trucks can easily access each floor's loading bays thanks to the ramped designs. There are both passenger elevators and service lifts accessible for convenient access between floors.

If the need arises, cold storage space might be allocated in any of the plans for this construction. The modular design of the structure permits a temporary sunken floor suitable for kitchen usage, providing maximum adaptability.

CT FoodNex Sectional Plan

CT FoodNex Food Factory offers ample manufacturing space for the food and beverage industry as a whole. On the roof, there's also a specially designed area for emergency power supplies. There is space for for parking lot as well.

Vision for Food With major thoroughfares like the Kranji Expressway (KJE) and many MRT stations, Mandai is easily accessible. Because of its relatively close proximity to key services, it has the potential to attract a larger customer base.

CT FoodNex Food Factory

Because of the challenges posed by Covid-19, a growing number of would-be food sector entrepreneurs have stepped up to attempt new approaches to making a living. It's hardly shocking that many eateries are ditching their brick-and-mortar locations in favor of "cloud kitchens" as the number of delivery services proliferates.

A lot of food and beverage businesses, notably in Singapore, have benefited from the rise of the cloud kitchen sector, which has allowed them to cut costs without sacrificing quality. Since the beginning of the epidemic, demand for such facilities has increased throughout South and Southeast Asia, and particularly in Indonesia.

Our forthcoming Freehold, B2 food facility in Singapore's northern Mandai district is fully furnished to meet all of your cloud kitchen needs. If you work in the food industry and need more room for increased efficiency or to run a cloud kitchen, you've come to the right place.

CT FoodNex was created by the productive cooperation of industry heavyweights and advisors. Every facet of food processing has been investigated to meet your varied and exacting needs, from supply chain and storage to waste management.

Our plans are in sync with Singapore's 30 by 30 Food Security Goal, and we want to create cutting-edge industrial space to the highest standards in both countries.

CT FoodNex Location at Mandai Estate

Located at 2A Mandai Estate, CT FoodNex location offers a remarkable place for you to work in with potential clients and suppliers within close proximity.

Mandai Estate, home to CT FoodNex Mandai, is rapidly becoming Singapore's premier food processing business district. As a result, the Woodlands and the causeway provide additional benefits to businesses in terms of access to labor and logistics.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a Loading / Unloading Bay?
    Yes. There's a loading / Unloading Bay on level 1

  • Can 40 footer container enter the premises?
    Yes. There's a loading bay for 40 footer container on level 1

  • Can my trunk unload at my doorstep?
    Yes. There is car park lots at entrance of every unit

  • Is there ramp-up facilities on every level?
    Yes. There's ramp up facilities on every level. 40 footer can access only on level 1. 20 footer can access level 1 to level 4 only. Trucks can access every level.

  • Is there provision for waste disposal?
    Yes. There's a dedicated waste disposal at each unit from level 2 to 10. For level 1 units, there's is designated bin point.

  • Is there toilet within the unit?
    Yes. There's toilet in every unit.

CT FoodNex Specification

Project Name CT FoodNex
Address: 2A Mandai Estate
District: 25
Total Units 109
Developer Chiu Teng Group
Tenure Freehold
Description Ramp Up Development Food Factory with high ceiling
Unit Mix Food Factory and 1 Canteen

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